Argus Vision maps data and reality via drones

Argus Vision

Argus Vision believes that data collection through drones is the solution for realistical mapping of topographic and architectur situations. We always deliver an accurate and detailed result that the customer can rely on.

We can help with data collection for stockpiling, thermal inspections, construction projects, risk analysis and light measurements. The delivered results are more accurate than ever, which means that they bring huge economic added value.

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Argus Vision focuses primarily on results, only then on the equipment itself. And good results? You only obtain those by really knowing and understanding the (question and situation of the) customer. That is why we always work in the same personal, yet structured, way.

After the data has been captured, it is read and processed. If desired, we dive even deeper into the data. The end result? A clear and understandable product that always provides an answer to the customer's question.

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  • Stockpiling


  • 3D scanning

    3D scanning

  • Cut and fill

    Cut and fill

  • Topography


  • Insurance policies

    Insurance policies

  • Thermal imagery

    Thermal imagery

  • Mapping flood zones

    Mapping flood zones

  • Lux measurement

    Lux measurement